Heavy Lifting

Lifting Projects UK has one of the largest ranges of Heavy Lifting Accessories readily available for general hire throughout the UK and overseas. With over 120 years’ experience in executing heavy lifts throughout the UK, our Heavy Lifting team is ideally placed to handle your requirements.
These items are offered for hire on a National and International basis for use with various different forms of
Lifting Equipment including:

  • Crawler Cranes
  • Gantry Systems
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Strutt Cranes

With load capacities up to several hundred tonnes, Lifting Projects UK is ideally equipped to tackle any job. The range of equipment available includes: 

  • Dyneema Slings
  • Modular Beams
  • Multi Point Beams
  • Stab Beams
  • Wire Grommets
  • Masterlinks
  • Turnbuckles


  • Under Beams
  • Single Point Beams
  • Wire Rope Slings
  • Collar Chains
  • Shackles, including widebodied sling saver
  • Large Steel Crane Mats

Lifting Gear UK is happy to carry out Site Inspections to offer recommendations and planning advice with regard to your choice of Heavy Lifting accessories.

For details or to arrange a Site Inspection, contact Sharon Keeley or Alastair Clark at Lifting Projects UK or email liftingprojects@lg-uk.com

Sharon Keeley:

01772 699888

07748 923528 

Alastair Clark:

01772 699888

07850 775911