Total project management

Welcome to the world of Lifting Projects UK. We exist to please our clients by solving their problems. Our management team has extensive skills and knowledge yet no two projects are ever the same for us. There’s no place here for a ‘one size fits all’ mentality.

With a combined total of 120 years’ experience in complex lifting and rigging, we are equipped with the tools to ensure your project is both safe and successful from start to finish, regardless of your location or budget. With the assistance of 11 Lifting Gear UK centres, you’re never far from Lifting Projects UK’s specialist support.

Whether it’s hoisting, jacking, winching or logistical support, Lifting Projects UK is here to take a load off your mind.

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“The ability to manage the changing plan was a terrific example of project management in action and the result is seen by everyone here as a big success.”

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