Client: K D C Demolition Ltd

Project Name: Sizewell CW Gantry Crane Removal

Project overview: Lifting Projects UK were given the task of mechanically moving an overhead Gantry Crane approximately 50 metres to the opposite end of its original run. Once in position it would be secured then stripped down to its main beams, legs and walkways, before being lifted into a position where it can be safely broken down for removal from site.

Our contract was to supply heavy lifting equipment from stock and to carry out a full contract lift using our fully qualified team of engineers and appointed persons. We supplied one LTM 1100DS mobile Crane with 250t tray ballast & 160t slew ballast along with four of our own 7.5m x 2.2m Steel Crane Mats to reduce the ground loading pressures. We also supplied one 130t x 12m modular beam and two 100t x 3.5m modular beams along with two 150t Dyneema slings and wire slings.

“This particular contract was a big task to get all the relevant paperwork and logistics in place due to a strict time scale to carry out the work, this made it instrumental in securing the contract. The job ran for a period of six days.

In addition, we have supplied to other nuclear sites up and down the country with heavy lifting equipment and continue to do so.”

Lifting Projects UK Limited
Operations Director, Chris Turner

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