Air Winches

Rugged Compact and Versatile Design

• Meets ANSI / ASME B30.7

• 5:1 design factor at rated load

• Top layer rated line pull

• “Lift to shift” winch mounted lever throttle

• Minimum 18:1 drum diameter to wire rope diameter ratio

• Compact gearbox-in-drum design

• Standard design temperature range is 0°C through 60°C

• Group of mechanism as per FEM: 5m

Suitable for Hazardous Explosion Proof Environments

• Flameproof by design. Air motors (unlike electric motors) are inherently spark resistant.

• ATEX classification (as per directive EC 94/9/EEC). CE compliant models marked EX II 2 GD c 200°C X

Powerful Radial Piston Air Motor

• Positive starting torque

• Infinitely variable speeds with precision spotting control

• Superior reliability in harsh environments

Brake Systems

• Manual drum brake standard

• Optional auto drum brake and /or auto disc available

• Fully enclosed automatic oil bath “wet” disc brake sealed against moisture and contaminants

• Ingersoll Rand recommends the use of automatic brakes whenever a winch is used for lifting

CE compliant versions provided with:

• Drum guard

• Overload protection (preset regulator)

• Emergency stop

• Muffler

• Automatic brake

• Limit switches

• CE documentation

Options and Accessories

• DNV & ABS Type Approved models available

• Low temperature versions

• Overload and E-stop control system

• Remote controls

• Limit switches

• Tensioning manifold

• Drum guards*

• Grooved drums

• Drum divider flanges

• Drum locks

• Spooling devices

• Marine paint systems

• Air line accessories

* We recommend using Drum Guards with all winches to prevent inadvertent contact with winch moving parts

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