Dyneema Slings

Believe it or not, the dyneema sling pictured above, being lifted by a single man, has a SWL of 600 tonne capacity. Yes, they are that lightweight and user-friendly, compared to conventional wire ropes or grommets.

With Dyneema, you can reduce the overall weight of the lifting equipment, make handling far easier and with fewer riggers. In some cases, you’ll even be able to downsize the crane you’re using.

Specialist Ropes For Heavy Lifting

When it comes to heavy lifting, these ropes can suit a variety of different purposes. For example, they can hold machine parts lifted up to wind turbines offshore, as well as the lifting of turbines for hydraulic power stations and raising derailed trains into position.

These ropes are around 10 times stronger than steel wires per unit of weight. This means they possess more strength than a steel wire of the same diameter, but are less are than one-tenth the weight.

Specialist Dyneema Slings for Lifting Applications

Our specialist dyneema slings are manufactured in accordance to DIN EN 1492-4 and are CE-marked. These slings can be made in single or double form, depending on what you need them for, and are braided with fibre.

Specialist ropes for wind projects are mainly used to lift parts of the wind turbine, cable pulling, traverse winches for the installation of wings, tagline winches, jack-ups and sea fastening of crane hooks.

Here’s why they’re the best option for the job…

• The same strength as steel wire ropes of the same diameter.

• Only 1/10th the weight of a steel wire.

• The ropes stretches very little (3-4% at break).

• The ropes are UV stable which attribute to a long and safe working life of the rope.

• The ropes are not affected by oil or water and are just as strong whether used in dry, wet, cold or humid conditions.

• The ropes ensure stability and abrasion resistance.

• The ropes float in water.

To illustrate the strength of the fiber; the material used for these specialist ropes, is also used to manufacture bullet proof vests for the police and army because they are ultra strong, light and durable.

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