Lifting Projects UK Assist Extreme E with Bespoke Lifting Tray for New Electric Racing SUVs

SWC01579 - Extreme E - TopGear - Loading Cars onto Vessel - 21-03-2021 - 0-min

With its first season already kicked off in the Al-Ula region of Saudi-Arabia, Extreme E have started in style, securing the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button to take part in this ground-breaking climate change mission that is using renewable energy and technology to
highlight some of the most vulnerable ecosystems and habitats around the world. They will visit deserts, glaciers and rainforests on their journey, using their floating base, the RMS St. Helena to cut down on the emission needed to transport all the vehicles, freight and infrastructure to each of the different ports as well as facilitating scientific research through an on-board laboratory.

Extreme E approached Lifting Projects UK to come up with a lifting arrangement using one of our bespoke Machine Lifting Trays to load and offload this precious cargo quickly, safely and effectively. Our lifting tray solves the problem by providing a solid platform for the cars to drive onto. To keep the tray compact enough to accommodate the cars but also fit into the hold of the RMS St Helena, detachable ramps are used allowing the cars to safely mount and dismount the tray. These impressive looking cars, recently showcased on BBC’s TopGear, are seen lifted effortlessly
aboard the vessel.

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