Lifting Projects UK recently invests in two new Galizia pick & carry cranes from GGR Group

Galizia Machines 2

At lifting Projects we are constantly striving to be the best at what we do. This means always observing what is going on in the industry around us and looking at what kinds of products are being newly developed to improve the way in which we go about our work.

These compact cranes change the way we look at a lift and shift job. What once would have perhaps needed a larger mobile crane on site to carry out, can be done using our new G150 and G20 Galizias, capable of lifting 15tonnes and 2tonnes respectively. We believe that not only is this a more cost effective way to work, it is safer and more time efficient than having to rig and derig a crane on site. These new pieces of plant will also help solve the age old issue of access & egress to site sometimes being restricted or awkward to work around. These are just a few of the reasons why we are now pleased to offer these new compact cranes as part of our bespoke lifting packages.

Sharon Keeley, Operations Director at Lifting Projects UK said: ‘’We chose to partner with GGR as part of our expansion programme, due to the excellent support and varied product range on offer. This is an exciting step forward for Lifting Projects, coming out of a very uncertain 2020 for everyone. Investment in the right equipment is key to the successful growth of the business and we look forward to working with GGR more in
the future’’.

The G20 pick and carry crane offers 2tonnes of lifting power without the need for outriggers. A practical alternative to a forklift, this pedestrian operated compact crane comes with a 5.3m maximum lifting height and can quickly pick, carry, and place loads thanks to its 180 rear hydraulic drive.

The G150 mobile crane is the perfect solution to lift and shift heavy loads up to 15tonnes in congested areas whilst still boasting the flexibility of 180 rear hydraulic turning. Battery operated, with a lifting height of up to 8.5m, this flume-free heavy capacity lifting machine is suitable for work in sensitive or congested environments including workshops, factories, power plants and busy construction sites.

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